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GIS Technician - Albuquerque, NM

Jennifer Palmer

Position: GIS Technician
Company: Lone Mountain Archeological Services, Albuquerque, NM
Job Type: Hourly, Full-Time
Job Description:
Minimum of a GIS certificate; preferred Bachelor’s degree in Geography, Cartography, Archaeology or related field with an emphasis in Geographic Information System (GIS).
A minimum of two years of professional work in GIS.
Proficient in ESRI ArcGIS Desktop, Microsoft Outlook, Word, and Excel.
Prepares, produces, maintains and updates a variety of maps, drawings, plans and other graphic representations using cartographic techniques to represent spatial data.
Demonstrate the knowledge of cartography and computer mapping including design principles and understanding map creation procedures in ArcGIS.
Ability to develops and maintains data layers using GIS tools.
Knowledgeable in cartographic finishing techniques.
Demonstrates the ability to create survey areas for projects using specifications from survey plats.
Demonstrates ability to georectify and digitize hand drawn maps or other rasterized sources.
Knowledge of basic coordinate systems (latitude and longitude, UTM). 
General understanding of GPS technology and knowledge to troubleshoot equipment and maintain digital files. Ability to take field data and integrate it to a geodatabase, feature and/or shapefile.
A basic understanding of Archaeology is desired.
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