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Liujiang Skull

Charlie Hatchett

If southern China's Liujiang skull is really more than 100,000 years old, this modern Homo sapiens fossil will shake up theories of human evolution...The fossils probably came from sediment dating to 111,000 to 139,000 years ago, says a team led by geologist Guanjun Shea of Nanjing (China) Normal University. He and his co-workers add that it's still possible that the Liujiang discoveries came either from a cave deposit dating from around 68,000 years ago or from one dating to more than 153,000 years ago.,1250.0.html

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Thanks Charlie. If you get a copy of the PDF from Wang, please post it here or let me know you have it. It should answer the questions I have. After that, the specimen needs to be accurately dated. 8-)


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Charlie Hatchett

Hey Lee.

Just PM me your email address.


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