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guidelines for resume and cv posters (updated)

Jennifer Palmer

This forum is provided for the posting of resumes and cvs. Content from your resume file in a format such as Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, etc. can be cut and pasted into a message. We cannot accept attachments such as .pdf files for resumes.

If you are interested in working in a specific area, note this in the subject header of your message post. Examples of this include "PA/NY/NJ Field Technician", "Seeking CA Fieldwork", "NM Crew Chief", etc. Doing so may ensure that your resume is viewed by more employers in your desired geographic region.

Please remember that the internet is a very public place, and your information can be viewed by anyone. You may want to consider refraining from the posting of overtly personal info.

Resumes will be deleted after 6 months from the initial posting. If your resume is current and you wish for it to reappear at the top of the list, it's best to post a reply updating your availability rather than just the one-word "bump" message.

All resume postings must have at least one message tag (label).  Messages imported from the migration of data from the old forums will receive only a "resumes-cvs" tag.  You are also welcome to post additional tags (up to 5 total) which better categorize the content of your resume.  Some examples include:


Best of luck in the job search!


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Jennifer Palmer

Just another note... We do not have the ability to accept attachments or uploads for resumes in formats such as Microsoft Word, WordPerfect .doc, .pdf, etc. You can bring up your resume in your program and then cut and paste the contents into a text message here.

You do have the ability to customize the look of your message with options such as boldface, italics, underlining, list, different font sizes, and colors. It may take some experimentation, but you can always "Preview" a message to see how your resume will appears before it is posted (and edit it later, if you want to update it or make changes).

If you have any issues with this process, or need assistance, please let me know.

Good luck,

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As someone who recieves alot of CV's and resumes, if you are asked to supply your resume as an attachment, please name your document the same as your name.  ie. John_Smith_CV_2010.pdf.  I get many that are simply named CV or JS CV, and I then have to rename it or it could get lost in the system...

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Hi Jennifer,

I have attempted several times to post my resume, but keep getting an error that reads "String or binary data would be truncated. The statement has been terminated."  How do I address/surmount this problem?


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Jennifer Palmer

Hi Jennifer. I could be wrong, but that error sounds like the subject line of the resume may have been too long. Generally it's not the length of the resume itself, as we have it set pretty high to accomodate lengthier resumes and cvs. If you get an error again, please send the entire error message page to me in an e-mail at so we can figure out what went wrong.

Most of the time when error messages occur on the website, it is because some odd formatting has entered into a message body. If you are cutting and pasting the content of your resume from another program like Microsoft Word, it's a good idea to paste it into Notepad first and then re-cut and paste that into the message. In the future we are going to be tweaking the message posting interface so hopefully we can do away with these kinds of errors.

Hope that helps, Jennifer

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Hey guys,

I'm relatively new in archaeology. I don't know much about writing a CV for an archaeology job or about phase I or any of that stuff.

I want to write a good CV for US archaeology jobs, but I'm not sure the one I have is good enough or if it needs to be changed. Please help.



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