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Seeking Volunteer Opportunities


Hello, my name is Abigail Hatten. I am currently a teacher who is seeking volunteer opportunities within the archaeological community during summer (2019), or various week-long spans throughout the school year. I, plainly put, just want to do shovel bum work. I am an experienced outdoorsmen, I frequently go backpacking and can persevere through harsh weather conditions. I am fascinated by archaeology and plan to keep it a part of my life. I don't mind working in or out of the country, and am qualified for a wide variety of different labor needed during the excavation, cataloging, and analysis processes. 
I have a lifelong passion for archaeology and biological anthropology. During my educational career as an undergraduate, I studied anthropology at University of California, Santa Cruz. There I underwent an internship through the Smithsonian Institute cleaning and processing faunal remains for cataloging. I gained extensive experience during my year-long internship photographing and cataloging artifacts, use of databases such as FileMaker Pro, labeling artifacts, and cleaning bones with chemicals following laboratory safety protocol. I've also taken a field course through Texas State University on human remains identification, recovery and excavation. Although the focus of the course was in forensic anthropology, I nevertheless gained extensive and necessary hands-on excavation experience. I'm interested in underwater archaeology as well, however, need to take one more course to get the advanced certification to become qualified. 
I'm currently getting my Master's degree in Education through University of Phoenix. Although I'm teaching full time, I'm blessed with a career that grants me the time to travel and pursue my interests. I plan to keep archaeology in my life, and am seeking volunteer work that allows me to continue learning about the human condition and fantastic puzzle that is archaeology. 
If you need an enthusiastic and reliable volunteer or part time employee on your excavation, contact me and I will send my resume, CV, and references. Thank you for your consideration. 


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