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Burial Monitor and Field Technician Positions in Wisconsin - UWM-CRM


UWM-CRM, a university based cultural resource management program, is looking to fill a variety of temporary and long-term positions. The following positions are being considered:

1.   Burial monitor. Must be on the Wisconsin Historical Society‚Äôs qualified burial site excavator list, or possess the requisite experience to qualify for approval. See

2.  Field technician. Must have a field school. UWM-CRM is currently seeking field technicians for a Phase III mitigation along Lake Michigan in Wisconsin, along with a number of survey projects. Work is expected to last until November.

Pay rate is based experience and qualifications, ranging from $12.00 - $20.00 per hour. Per diem is based on University of Wisconsin System allowances, and meets or exceeds industry standards. Accommodations are provided for workdays on non-local projects. Larger projects may provide weekend accommodations.

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