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2019 Eyak Language, Place Names, and Heritage Preservation: Alaska

Eyak Cultural Foundation and Applied Archaeology International are pleased to announce an intensive field school based in Cordova, Alaska.   The 2019 summer program will integrate with workshops and cultural camps with a variety of partners. At the same time, you will participate in archaeological and environmental studies on public and private land, heritage preservation projects, and be part of an international cultural exchange.


Our fieldwork will include expeditions to different parts of the Eyak Lands to record traditional place names; learn the associated stories, map the surrounding landforms, and survey the cultural values and places related to each location. You will also get involved in a range of outdoor activities that only the wilds of Alaska can provide! 


The camp is part of the annual Eyak Cultural Foundation's language program and culture camp, and involves workshops, cultural exchanges and cultural activities, including traditional salmon harvesting and processing.  The program is delivered in partnership with Elders, cultural coordinators, Tribal organizations, camp coordinators, camp hosts, educational institutions and government departments.

This intensive field school will develop a cultural map for Eyak Lake under the direction of cultural leaders. The information will be collected via oral histories, interviews, field survey, archaeological investigations and archival research, as part of an integrated team effort. This work will involve targeted field surveys and site recording focused on Eyak traditional place names.  The program can be custom-designed to your specific studies or interests. 


There will also be practical workshops in heritage legislation, cultural protocols and methods of evaluation.  The work will involve archaeological survey, testing and mapping, and provide you with a collection of skills required of a field archaeologist, anthropologist and environmental scientist.

Places are limited.  For more information and registration information, see: 

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