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TVAR Seeks Team Members to Fill Immediate Positions


Tennessee Valley Archaeological Research is currently hiring archaeological field technicians for Phase I and III projects throughout the Southeast. Projects are expected to run successively. Ideal candidates will be team-oriented and enthusiastic about Southeastern archaeology and acquiring new skills. Field technicians are responsible for taking direction and contributing to large- and small-scale archaeological surveys and excavations while maintaining thorough field notes. Hourly wages will be commensurate with experience, but per diem for all will be $51 per day. Crew members should have the ability to travel independently to project hotels. Lodging is provided by the company, and each room is single occupancy. All applicants should meet the following requirements:

  • ·        Possess a Bachelor’s degree in anthropology, archaeology, or a closely related field
  • ·        Have a valid driver’s license
  • ·        Be able to walk and conduct fieldwork for long hours, sometimes in inclement weather and/or rugged terrain,
  • ·        Be capable of carrying equipment and supplies weighing up to 40 pounds

Please send CVs and a list of references to


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