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Necropolis of Via Ostiense field school provides students and people passionate about History and Archaeology the incredible opportunity to experience Rome from the inside, excavating at an archaeological site in the heart of the eternal city.
All participants will take active part in the research project, working alongside archaeologists and anthropologists, helping rewrite another page in the history of one of the most amazing civilizations of all times.
Via Ostiense is one os the best preserved necropolis in Rome with hundreds of urns containing cremated human remains.
This field school offers a practical training program in both funerary archaeology and  anthropological study of Roman cremations.  

The necropolis of via Ostiense its also known as necropolis of Saint Paul because his relics were found here.  The Cathedral of Saint Paul, the second most important cathedral in Rome after Saint Peter’s was constructed on this necropolis, only some meters from the site.
The necropolis  was first excavated in the early XXth century and in only one years we will celebrate the 100 years anniversary of the first excavation. Surprisingly only the estructures were excavated and the cremation urns were left in place, leaving us the opportunity to excavate their remains. We will excavate the urns and conduct an anthropological study of the human remains. This involves identifying, weighing, measuring and documenting the bones. This process is slow and difficult, but it allows us to estimate information about the individual such as sex, age, stature, and pathology.

During the project, students will learn
Microexcavation of funerary urns
Conservation methods for cremated bone
Identification and weighing of cremated bone
Measurements of cremated bones
Morphological and taphonomic variation in cremated bone
Recording information in a database
Interpretation of cremated bone

Program Dates 2019:                
August 18 - September 1
​Program Fees: 
US$ 2,985 

Fees Include:
• Full Room and Board 
• Archaeological program and seminars
• Two excursions and two Roman tours
• public transportation within the city of Rome
• Medical Insurance
• Application fee
• Administrative costs

The necropolis of Via Ostiense team will stay in a large apartment near Porta San Paolo. Participants will share a room with one other person.
The spacious apartment has a living room with big-screen TV and DVD, five bedrooms, three bathrooms, a full kitchen (with washing machine), and a huge outdoor terrace with tables and chairs.
There is free Wifi, air conditioning in all rooms, and linens and towels are provided with a mid-program change
An archaeologist will guide the participants. Entries and transportation costs are  included in the total cost of the program.
The first large-scale catacombs in the vicinity of Rome were excavated from the 2nd century onward. They were carved outside the walls of the city, because Roman law forbade burial places within city limits.
The Necrópolis of Via Triumphalis is part of the archaeological area of the Vatican Museums. 
Ostia Antica - Necropolis Isola Sacra. If we follow the old road from Rome to the port we will arrive to Ostia Antica. Necropolis of Via Ostiense is  placed both sides of this old road and named after it. 
Living in the centre of Rome is an experience itself and we will have time to immerse in all the beauty, history and culture of the eternal city. We will visit the forums and Trajan's Market from the point of view of an archaeologist and of course we will find some time to explore on our own or with the rest of the team.

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