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Archaeological GIS Analyst at Colonial Williamsburg


The Archaeological GIS Analyst will be responsible for the creation and management of a Geographic Information System (GIS) that will aid the management and research of archaeological resources associated with Colonial Williamsburg’s ongoing archaeological research. This position will help further the understanding of the cultural landscape of Williamsburg as understood through the spatial analysis of archaeological evidence. The candidate will create maps for analytical and display purposes and will conduct spatial analysis and research under the direction of the Senior Staff Archaeologist and Director of Archaeology. This position has funding for a minimum of five years ans will work on a large-scale research project to understand one of Colonial Williamsburg's most important early 18th-century designed landscapes. Additionally, research will focus on the enslaved laborers who built, maintained, and lived on the property to be studied.

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  1. Creates a framework for a departmental GIS that utilizes current best practices.
  2. Develops the geodatabase through the creation of feature classes, shapefiles, rasters, and datasets that will aid the analysis of archaeological sites.
  3. Coordinates the inclusion of artifact data into the GIS.
  4. Coordinates the inclusion of publicly accessible data such as utilities, property boundaries, and LiDAR into the GIS.
  5. Performs spatial analysis as directed by the Senior Staff Archaeologist and Director of Archaeology.
  6. Trains departmental staff on GIS.
  7. Manages volunteers and interns to organize and scan field maps.
  8. Works with student interns in collaboration with the Senior Staff Archaeologist to conduct student research projects that further the goals of the Archaeology Department.
  9. Creates maps and imagery for use in publications, presentations, and public interpretations.
  10. Facilitates partnerships with other divisions within the Foundation.


Direct: Volunteers

Indirect: Student interns


The Archaeological GIS Analyst will receive direction from the Senior Staff Archaeologist and the Director of Archaeology.




Job Requirements:


Minimum: BA/BS in Anthropology, GIS, Geography, History, or a related field; GIS certificate or equivalent coursework required. GIS based work or internship experience, preferably with an historic site. Must be proficient with ESRI ArcGIS software. Familiarity with current best practices within the field of GIS and historic preservation. Experience with different analytical techniques such as viewshed analysis and 3D modelling. Demonstrated experience creating maps for interpretive and display purposes. Working knowledge of standard archaeological survey and excavation methods with experience using GPS and survey equipment. Demonstrated ability to work independently or as part of a team.

 Preferred Qualifications:

Experience with disseminating spatial data in publicly accessible ways (i.e. ESRI Story Maps) is preferred. Knowledge of other mapping software such as Surfer and AutoCAD is also preferred.


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