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Seeking Field Work


   Carson Jespersen

Archaeological Field Technician

Field Experience in: Iowa, Minnesota, Mississippi, Louisiana

Red Cross Certified Adult First Aid/CPR/AED through January 2021



B.A., Major: Anthropology                

May 2018

The University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA


Courses Taken: Lidar: Principles/Applications; Britain 400-1066; Human Origins; Archaeology of Ancient Cities; Western Civilization: Early-Mid; Native Peoples of North America; Animal Bones in Archaeology; Urban Anthropology; Field Research in Archaeology; 2 years Spanish  


Completed Advanced Course in Graphic Design at Des Moines Area Community College

         Proficient in Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.)

         Strong understanding of design principles




EDM Mapping

Lidar (Data Acquisition and Analysis)

Trimble GPS




DESCO Environmental Consultants, LP, Magnolia TX        January 2019- March 28, 2019

Temporary Full Time Archaeological Field Technician

Based in Louisiana working on large scale seismic project. Cultural resource field investigations – pedestrian surveys, shovel testing, NRHP eligibility testing, data recovery, resource inventories, site identification, archeological and historic resource documentation and recordation, preparation of daily field journals, shovel test forms, site and feature forms. Drawing of detailed unit profiles and plan view sketches. Excavation of shovel test pits, screen soils. Use of digital cameras and maintain accurate photo logs, perform post field data processing of artifacts and field documentation.





Wiregrass Archaeological Consulting, Mobile, AL              September 2018- November 2018

Temporary Full Time Archaeological Field Technician

Working full time 10 day rotations. Conducting Phase I survey in several national forests in Mississippi near Jackson Mississippi. Shovel testing/ screening and GPS use. Will hike/walk up to 8 miles per day in inclimate weather on trails and uneven terrain carrying backpack and field equipment.



Bear Creek Archeology, Cresco, Iowa                               May 2018- August 2018/ December 2018

Temporary Full Time Archaeological Field Technician

Working full time primarily within the state of Iowa and Southern Minnesota. Responsible for conducting shovel testing, pedestrian survey, and site documentation, which includes artifact identification; site descriptions; photographs and mapping. Will hike/walk up to 6 miles per day in inclimate weather. Use GPS units. Have participated on Phase I,II and III surveys.




Woodpecker Cave Field School

May 2016-June 2016

         Excavated Late Woodland Period artifacts and recorded their location using EDM mapping, as well as classic archaeology methods

         Kept records regarding artifact type and location

         Cleaned and prepared artifacts for storage




Volunteer, University of Iowa Historical Archaeology Lab

February 2016-May 2016

Identified, recorded, sorted, weighed, and catalogued artifacts recovered at the Plumb Grove historical site (1844-1943)


Volunteer, Living History Farms

Summer June 2011, June 2012, June 2013 Junior Camp Counselor




Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite

Capable of performing regular computer maintenance with minimal training

Digital Photography


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