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Archaeologist - HNTB - Atlanta, GA

Candidates should apply online on the HNTB website.  


The time is right to join HNTB Corporation!  HNTB is currently seeking an Archeologist in our Atlanta office.  Interested candidates should be prepared to provide a CRM-related writing sample. 

Job Summary

Applies a sound knowledge of the principles and theories of geology, hydrology, chemistry, biology or other related sciences to analyze the potential effects a project may have on the environment and/or the potential effects the environment may have on the design and construction of a project. Participates in moderate to complex projects or all level of project/program difficulty and/or may be responsible for an assigned phase of project or program.

Essential Responsibility

  • Prepares environmental documentation, permits or mitigation plans for public and private clients with respect to acquisition and compliance for wetland impacts, bridge construction, threatened/endangered species.
  • Reviews and evaluates technical reports and plans of scientific aspects of proposed projects such as environmental clearance of projects, permitting, and mitigation plans.
  • Collects, analyzes and reports on geological, hydrological, biological or other scientific conditions at the proposed project site to identify the impact on the environment in the construction of highways, bridges or other structures.
  • Performs field investigations and research to determines the suitability of the project site for proposed use.
  • Provides technical advice and assistance to project engineers on specific geologic, hydrologic, biologic or other scientific aspects and their impact on the specific phase of construction.
  • Reviews and evaluates the potential impact of Federal, state and local environmental legislation.
  • Develops and maintains liaisons and effective working relations with groups and individuals, agencies, and the public to encourage cooperative management strategies or to develop information and interpret findings.
  • Prepares and participates in public information meetings and hearings.
  • Keeps current with trends, literature and new developments in ecology and environmental science.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Basic Qualification

Bachelor's degree in Geology, Biology, Ecology, Environmental Science or related field
5 years related experience
3 years related experience (with Master's degree in Natural Sciences)

Preferred Qualification/Skills

- Master’s Degree in Anthropology, Archaeology, or a closely related field
- Meets Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Archaeology
- At least two years of experience completing archaeological projects in the southeastern U.S.
- Previous experience completing archaeological projects for various state DOT agencies, preferably GDOT or TDOT
- Demonstrated ability to carry research to completion
- Familiarity with NEPA, NHPA, ARPA, NAGPRA, and various state environmental compliance laws
- Excellent verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills
- Excellent analytical skills and attention to detail
- Previous experience working with ArcGIS and various GPS units preferred
- Ability to travel, sometimes with overnight stays, and conduct fieldwork in inclement weather


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