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Montana-Dakotas Archaeologist- Field Director/PI

Beaver Creek Archaeology is looking to fill an immediate position for an archaeologist Field Director/PI in the Montana/Dakotas region for our upcoming 2019 field season. 

We are seeking self-motivated, qualified, and highly driven professionals for an ever-growing team. The position would be Seasonal with the potential to become a full-time with benefits positions based out of Bismarck, ND. All submissions should include a cover letter demonstrating how the candidate is qualified and would be an added value team member as well as a resume and/or CV. The resume and CV should exemplify how the candidate is qualified through schooling, work experience, and if applicable previous permits held.

Minimum qualifications include a Master’s Degree in Anthropology, Archaeology, or a closely related field and a minimum of one-year work experience within in Montana/Dakotas region. Applicant should be able to be permitted with the NDSHPO, Montana/Dakotas BLM, and the USFS-DPG.

Applications can be submitted through our website at


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