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Forensic Archaeology and Taphonomy - 2019 Summer Short Course in Gettysburg, PA


Course Title: Recovery and Interpretations of the Outdoor Forensic Scene: Forensic Archaeology and Forensic Taphonomy, Vol. XXVIII

Dates: May 27-31, 2019

Instructors: Dennis C. Dirkmaat, Ph.D., D-ABFA, and Michael J. Hochrein (FBI, ret.)

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Course Description: This five-day course will introduce participants to the principles, practices, and methods of Forensic Archaeology and Forensic Taphonomy as applied to the outdoor forensic scene. Lectures and practical exercises involving crime scene mapping and recovery of mock outdoor crime scenes will be used to describe state-of-the-art methods available to investigators during the documentation and recovery of physical evidence, including human remains, from a variety of outdoor contexts, including large-scale searches, surface scatters, buried body features, fatal fires, and mass disaster scenes. Significant hands-on activities related to the production of the hand-drawn map to the use of the electronic total station, survey-grade GPS, 3-D scene scanning, and aerial drone documentation, will be presented. Focus will be on the interpretation of past activities at the outdoor death scene through forensic taphonomic means. 

This course has been presented each summer for the last 27 years and represents the longest running short course devoted exclusively to forensic archaeology in the world. Dirkmaat is a board-certified forensic anthropology that has completed nearly 700 forensic anthropology cases (surface scatters of human remains, buried bodies, and fatal fire cases). Hochrein is a retired FBI agent who has worked on many high-profile cases such as the Oklahoma City and the Boston marathon bombers. 

Price: $950 (with a $150 discount if you register before the end of March)

Housing: Options are available for ~$25/night. Please contact for information. 

Credits: No course credits for college/universities are available for this course, but it has been approved for 41 ABMDI continuing education credit hours 

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