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Mass Disaster Scene Reconstruction - 2019 Summer Short Course in Gettysburg, PA


Course Title: Mass Disaster Scene Reconstruction

Dates: July 15-19, 2019

Instructors: Dennis C. Dirkmaat, Ph.D., D-ABFA, Michael J. Hochrein (FBI, ret.), and Ryan Morris, CEO of Tripwire Operations Group, LLC

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Course Description: The goal of the course is to provide participants with a working knowledge of how to conduct the most efficient and effective processing of a large-scale mass disaster scene involving multiple human victims. Nationally-recognized standards (Weldon Spring and Clarence Center Protocols) developed, tested, and published by the course directors will be presented and demonstrated. The course will begin with a history of past recovery efforts at incidents such as the USAir Flight 427, ColganAir Flight 3407, and United Flight 93 (9/11), followed by an in-depth discussion of prioritization of the various types of evidence associated with these incidents and scenes. Considerable time will be spent demonstrating and utilizing the multiple levels of scene documentation efforts as well as mapping equipment including electronic total stations, high-end GPS units, 3D scanners, and mapping and documentation drones. A mock scene involving the detonation of a vehicle with animal proxies within will serve the purpose of allowing participants to implement all protocols and techniques discussed through the use of all mapping and documentation equipment in order to process the large-scale disaster scene. 

Dirkmaat is a board-certified forensic anthropology that has completed nearly 700 forensic anthropology cases (surface scatters of human remains, buried bodies, and fatal fire cases). Hochrein is a retired FBI agent who has worked on many high-profile cases such as the Oklahoma City and the Boston marathon bombers. Morris has worked for the Department of Homeland Security/Transportation security Administration as a Supervisory Explosive Specialist and has acted as a Security Specialist with the Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Team (DMORT). 

Price: $950 (with a $150 discount if you register before the end of March)

Housing: Options are available for ~$25/night. Please contact for information. 

Credits: No course credits for college/universities are available for this course, but it has been approved for 35 ABMDI continuing education credit hours 

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