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Needing to know of Archaeological volunteer work?


    My name is Josefine Puentes I am looking for archaeology volunteer work in the California area. I am a online student getting my BA in Anthropology, and I am wanting to get experience in the field. You can contact me either here or on my personal email address at with any kind of information or opportunity. 

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A few places to look for volunteer opportunities are:

Passport in Time (
The Oregon-California Trails Association (
Your state's archaeological society (e.g. for CA)
The "friends" organization for your local federal lands unit (e.g. "Friends of X National Forest")
The archaeologist at your local state or federal land management unit (State Park, State Forest, National Park, National Forest, Bureau of Land Management district, National Wildlife Refuge, etc) Most units have an archaeologist, even if they don't focus on archaeological resources. Some areas also have a city or county archaeologist.
Your town's local historical society or local museum.


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