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Fieldwork opportunity in Russia


Project: Bronze Age settlement patterns and the development of complex societies in the Southern Ural steppes (3500-1400 BC). The project is administered by Tyumen State University, Russia.

Location: Russia, Chelyabinsk Oblast’, vicinities of Magnitogorsk

Living conditions: house in a village

When: July 7 - August 30, 2019. Interested parties can join for any time period.

Costs: Participation, food and housing are free. Interested parties just need to get themselves to the city of Magnitogorsk, Russia. This entails paying for the airfare and the Russian tourist visa (~$300).

Methods: regional settlement pattern survey, excavations, GIS analysis, GPS, zooarchaeology, topographic mapping with a Total Station, drone 3D-modeling, satellite image remote sensing, soil geochemistry, paleodemographic and paleoecological reconstructions.

Additional skills: opportunity to speak Russian, English, and Spanish with native speakers.

Project director: Denis V. Sharapov, PhD (University of Pittsburgh, USA). 2018-2019 US Fulbright Scholar in Russia. Postdoctoral researcher, International Laboratory for Climate Change, Land Use, and Biodiversity (X-Bio), Tyumen State University, Russia.                       

Contacts: if you have any questions, please e-mail


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