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Affordable CRM-intensive Field School in New York State 2019


The 2018 Allegheny Valley Project/ SUNY JCC Archaeological Field School is a six-credit comprehensive course designed to prepare students for Cultural Resource Management and related archaeological work. Participants will design and implement a research strategy involving phase one and phase two methodologies as we continue our investigations of an ancestral Haudenosaunee village site.

Radiocarbon dated to around AD 1250, the Bockmier One site was inhabited by some of the first maize farmers in the Allegheny Valley. Our investigations thus far have revealed post molds and hearths from a longhouse, and a variety of pit features, some of which were repositories for broken ceramics and other artifacts. Last season we investigated a new complex of hearths and features that contained smoking pipe fragments and ceramic vessel fragments. We will continue to investigate this area this season, as we near the completion of our limited testing at this site.

The field school runs Monday through Saturday 8AM to 5PM with an hour lunch, from July 8 to August 15, 2019. The course will provide instruction and experience in archaeological field and laboratory methods, within a multidisciplinary scientific framework, with a focus on CRM methods and theory. Some of the methodological topics to be covered in the field training include geophysical survey methods (focusing on gradiometer survey), site layout, shovel testing and other excavation techniques, soil sampling, plan and profile mapping, artifact processing, identification and analysis. We will also cover research design, archaeological theory and ethics in practice, floral and faunal study, classification, proxy research, dating techniques and heritage preservation. Field trips to local cultural and archaeological landmarks will round out the season.

Field school participants will experience public archaeology firsthand, as part of the Allegheny Valley Project community archaeology program. We work side-by-side with local volunteers, as well as those who travel from around the country. Students will also have the opportunity to work with volunteers from around the world, during a two week Volunteers for Peace program. 

Bockmier One is located on a certified organic farm along the Allegheny River in the scenic Allegheny Plateau region of southwestern New York. There is a short (1/5 mile) hike from parking to the site. Wildlife is abundant, and rugged hills are carpeted in lush green forest. Summers in this region are generally mild, but can be humid or rainy. The average high temperature for July is 79º F (26º C). 

Our affordable tuition is made possible by a SUNY JCC initiative for experiential learning: for New York residents with a valid certificate of residence (COR) tuition is $609 for the six-credit course plus additional fees of $88.50 ($697.50 total with COR). Tuition for in-state residents without a COR, and for those who reside out-of-state is $1218 plus the fees ($1306.50 total without COR). SUNY JCC reserves the right to amend tuition rates at any time. The tuition and fees listed are current at the time of posting.

Students are responsible for travel to and from Allegany, NY, and room and board are not included in tuition. Volunteers from the Allegheny Valley Project offer discounted housing for field school students ($250 for the duration of the field school). Bus lines are available from airports in New York City and Buffalo. Assistance with arrangements for travel and accommodations is available upon request. The field school is limited to 15 students, and the mail-in registration deadline is July 9. 
Registration forms can be found at:
NYS residents be sure to complete the certificate of residence form and have it endorsed.

Information for registration form:

CMP   CRN          SBJ       CR HRS    FEES    COURSE TITLE
JM     3179          ANT         6           N/A     ANTH 2010 Archaeological Field School – Discount Tuition (write in appropriate tuition – $609 or $1218 – on tuition line)
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