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Archaeological Project Manager needed in Washington

North Wind Resource Consulting

North Wind Resource Consulting, LLC, (North Wind) an enterprise of the Cook Inlet Region, Inc. (CIRI), an Alaska Native Corporation (ANC), is seeking a qualified Archaeological Project Manager to assist with a cultural resources inventory projects in Washington. Pay will be commensurate with experience. The Project Manager will work on projects that may include Class I and III surveys, testing, data recovery excavations, and reporting. Interested individuals should submit their application through the Careers page on the North Wind web site:

Job Description

Acts as Project Manager (PM) on projects that may include Class I and III surveys, testing, data recovery excavations, and reporting. Responsibilities include but is not limited to the following:

  • Manages project budgets and provides reports to regional manager and company president.
  • Works with accountants to produce accurate monthly project invoices.
  • Attends weekly PM meeting and biweekly business development meetings.
  • Attends kick-off meeting with clients and agencies.
  • Participate in marketing efforts and create new business.
  • Manage multiple projects at one time.
  • Organizes fieldwork mobilization/demobilization.
  • Ensures that all data collected is accurate, organized and of high quality.
  • Oversees accurate identification of historic and prehistoric sites, features, and artifacts.
  • Mentors junior personnel, including reviews of deliverables.
  • Ensures projects follow agencies’ stipulations and guidelines.
  • Ensures that projects are completed on schedule and within budget.
  • Works well with project members and maintains a high level of communication.
  • Produces high quality reports and other deliverables to agency and SHPO/THPO standards.
  • Reports project status to Program Director and other PMs on a weekly basis.


Project Manager: Master’s degree in Archaeology or related field and 5 years relevant experience, or Ph.D. An ideal candidate will be permitted for work on state, BLM, and forest lands in Washington. The work will require travel.

Required Skills:

Position may at times require extensive physical exertion, such as walking up over steep, uneven, heavily wooded, hostile terrain in outdoor heat /cold stress conditions and weather elements such as wind, snow or rain. Ability to dig and excavate at least 1 cu meter per day; potential contact with poisonous plants, insects and animals. Individual must be able to conduct these tasks while wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment. This work may be performed in remote locations and require camping.

Desired Skills:

Applicant should have five years of field experience in Washington and the Pacific Northwest. Applicant will have been previously listed on federal and state permits and can demonstrate a strong understanding of Section 106 and 110 of the National Historic Preservation Act. The ideal applicant will be a team player that has participated in numerous large scale surveys, testing and excavation projects. Candidates should be able to demonstrate a high level of organization and effectively communicate ideas and processes.


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