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Project Archaeologist - Lynchburg, Virginia


Project Archaeologist needed for a 7 to 9-week project.  Hurt & Proffitt, Inc. has an exciting opportunity for an experienced project archaeologist to direct a crew in excavating the basement of the 1763 Mead’s Tavern at New London, Virginia (Lynchburg area).  Spend the winter months excavating INDOORS in the heated, well-lit and ventilated basement of this Colonial-era structure.  Prior excavation has demonstrated that the earthen-floored space was occupied during the 18th-century, leaving a dense midden of artifacts and related features.  This project will return the floor to its original depth and mitigate the potential effects of a planned full rehabilitation/restoration of the tavern.  A digital copy of the first phase excavation report is available upon request.

This is a temporary contract position and does not provide per diem or lodging.  Pay is $21 per hour.  The selected candidate will direct the excavation and will co-author the technical report with H&P’s Principal Archaeologist and Laboratory Director.


*Must meet the minimum qualifications for a professional archaeologist outlined in the U.S. Secretary of Interior’s Standards and Guidelines (36 CFR Part 61).

*Must have previous experience directing excavation projects

*Knowledge of 18th- and 19th-century Virginia material culture

*Previous experience working on 18th- and 19th-century Virginia sites is preferred

Fieldwork is slated to begin the first or second week of December.  To apply, please email cover letter, CV and list of two professional references directly to Randy Lichtenberger, Director of Cultural Resources; by November 25th.


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