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Archaeological Specialist - Presidio Trust - San Francisco, CA


Along with a team of professionals (curator, archaeologist, historian, etc.) in the Visitor Engagement Department’s Park Interpretation Office, this position helps preserve the integrity of the Presidio National Historic Landmark District, creates new knowledge through original research, and brings alive the historic and natural assets of the Presidio through interpretation.


Working under the supervision of the Archaeologist, the incumbent supports archival, field, laboratory, collections and exhibition-based initiatives. Significant archaeological areas and collections managed by the Presidio Trust include those from the Spanish Colonial period, such as El Presidio, the Mexican period El Polín settlement, the American Civil War Period Funston Officers’ Quarters, and the prehistoric shellmound SFr-6. Of these, El Presidio is of international significance and the focus of many program initiatives. Exhibitions at the Officers’ Club and other sites throughout the park welcome the public and interpret the Presidio’s heritage. Activities of the Interpretation Office take place in the public sphere and the Archaeological Specialist interacts with visitors. The incumbent demonstrates skill as a spokesperson for the program explaining the process and findings of research on a daily basis.


The Trust offers a competitive compensation and benefits package.  Applications received by December 13, 2019 will receive first consideration. 


  • ·         Writes management plans for compliance efforts associated with ground-disturbing Presidio projects delegated from supervisor, including Archaeological Management Assessments and Monitoring Plans.
  • ·         Independently assesses and determines the appropriate level of archaeological oversight of ground-disturbing Trust projects and operations through the excavation clearance application process.
  • ·         Performs archaeological monitoring to support Trust operations and makes determinations about the significance of artifacts and features discovered in compliance with the NHPA. Is responsible for assessing non-routine situations without on-site supervision.
  • ·         Contributes to research designs for public archaeological excavation sites including at El Presidio. Writes annual work plans for excavation and artifact processing, including the identification of staffing needs and the scheduling of volunteers and interns.
  • ·         Serves as the site supervisor at public excavation site like El Presidio and during subsequent laboratory work. In this capacity, the incumbent oversees the daily work of interns, docents, and volunteers.  Routinely makes independent determinations in situations where existing guidelines for the treatment of artifacts and features are insufficient.
  • ·         Represents the Presidio Trust through interpretive interactions with the public on a daily basis. Serves as point of contact and works with outside partners on programmatic collaborations.

Knowledge Required:

  •          Comprehensive knowledge of the principles and theory of archaeology to support the broader archaeological program.
  • ·         Ability to apply professional knowledge and skills to the solution of problems generally concerned with nonroutine phases of archaeological work.
  • ·         Knowledge of laboratory analysis methods in order to prepare artifacts for testing, curation, and storage.
  • ·         General understanding of related fields of work such as socio-cultural anthropology (ethnohistory, ethnology, ethnography), history, geology, paleontology, soil science, biology, botany, and architecture.
  • ·         Knowledge in the use of computers and knowledge of archaeological database and information management systems (particularly Re: discovery) to document, manipulate, and report on data resulting from archaeological work. Knowledge of automated data storage and manipulation, word processing, and spreadsheets.
  • ·         Skill to communicate highly technical and non-technical information clearly and concisely orally and in writing, including conveying technical archaeological information to the lay public in an engaging and informative manner.

Physical Demands:

The position requires strenuous physical activity at times including lifting and carrying heavy objects. A portion of the work necessarily involves archaeological field investigations within the boundaries of the Presidio.  This includes walking on uneven terrain, excavating archaeological features with hand tools or shovels, screening dirt, and sorting archaeological collections.  A portion of the work is principally indoors and sedentary. This includes collections management and laboratory analysis, which requires the ability to concentrate for long periods of time. The employee is typically required to carry light items and may drive or be a passenger in a motor vehicle.  No special physical effort or ability is required to do this part of the work.

Work Environment:

Work is performed outdoors in all types of weather and conditions. Outdoor assignments may also be performed in potentially hazardous areas including steep slopes, rocky terrain, wetlands and forests.  Collections management and laboratory analysis work is performed in an adequately lighted, heated, and ventilated office setting.

Required Qualifications

  •          Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university in anthropology, history or related field, with training in field, laboratory, or archival research methods.
  •          A minimum of one year of professional experience in archaeological field and/or laboratory work. Experience with stratigraphic excavation is strongly desired.
  •          Knowledge of the professional practice of archaeology or history acquired through education or experience. Ability to apply that knowledge to a program that involves a range of duties associated with the Trust's ongoing Interpretation Office activities.
  •          Skill in oral and written communication in order to ensure that documentation is well written, easily understood, and pertinent information is shared effectively, and that oral presentations to the public are informative, clear, and convey the intended message. 
  •          Familiarity with and ability to use various types of cross-platform digital media and database software currently being used within the profession for archaeological site recordation and/or collections management.

  •          Competency with Microsoft Office applications is required. 

Desired Qualifications

  • ·         Valid Driver’s License

About the Visitor Engagement Team

The Visitor Engagement Team is dedicated to welcoming and sharing the Presidio experience with people of all ages and backgrounds. They develop and manage both free public programming and revenue generating activities, bringing outdoor programs and signature events to the park. The team supports community outreach and engagement, provides opportunities to build meaningful connections to place through site-based art exhibitions, recreation and wellness activities, and develops self-guided adventures for guests through our trails, camping, and organized sports. The team also manages special park uses/permitting. In partnership with the National Park Service and Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, the department supports ongoing staffing of the Presidio Visitor Center and Welcome Desk at the Officers’ Club.

Driver’s License Investigation & Review

These positions require a current, valid Driver’s License prior to starting work, and maintenance of a driver’s license throughout occupancy of the position. You will be subject to a driver’s license investigation as a New Entrant, and annual driver’s license reviews thereafter. An individual’s granting of an investigation and resulting reports thereafter is voluntary, however, employment is contingent upon the successful completion of a driver’s license investigation. The Trust may refuse to hire an individual, rescind an offer of employment, or review and terminate the employment of a current employee who does not successfully complete the driver’s license investigation.


The Presidio Trust is an equal opportunity employer, offering a competitive benefits package.  To apply call (415) 561-5300 (Monday-Friday, 8 am – 5 pm) to request an application package, OR download the application from our website,, and mail the application to Employee Support Services, Presidio Trust, P.O. Box 29052, San Francisco, CA 94129-0052. You may also email applications to


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