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Staff Archaeologist, San Juan Basin, New Mexico


Southwest Archaeological Consultants, Inc., a small firm in Santa Fe, New Mexico, has an opening for a senior staff position, one- or two-year term, on an archaeological project involving each of the basic investigatory phases, from site survey to excavation. The project currently is focused on analyzing artifact collections and conducting intrasite and intersite analyses of recently excavated Pueblo, Basketmaker and Archaic site components in the southern San Juan Basin, northwest New Mexico. General responsibilities will include assisting the project manager in directing forthcoming site excavations in 2020, conducting artifact and intrasite/intersite analyses of assemblages recovered from previously excavated sites, and preparing reports/volume chapters that summarize the material, technological and culture-historical characteristics of the site collections.

Applicants must be able to demonstrate competency in excavation, artifact analysis (i.e., hands-on data collection) and report preparation through prior experience, formal training, or a combination of the two. An advanced degree is required. More than a passing acquaintance with statistical analysis or GIS is advantageous. Previous experience in the northern Southwest and a background in geology (Quaternary studies) also are preferred but not essential. This project is ongoing and is expected to extend thru 2022. Compensation is competitive and negotiable, depending on an individual’s education, experience, and analytical skill set. Interested individuals should submit a cover letter and resume to ESAP Staff at Applications will be accepted until 12/21/2019.


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