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The royal tombs of Aigai. Greece


The ancient city of Aigai was the first city and core of the Macedonian kingdom, the most significant Greek state in the North. The place where Alexander the Great was proclaimed king after Philip II, his father, was assassinated in the city's theatre. Alexander started his campaign in Aigai to change the history of Greece and the world.  Far away from the typical tourists track around Athens and the islands, Aigai and the museum of the Royal Tombs is the most visited site in northern Greece, a monument of outstanding value world wide, it is in the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1996.  

In the first century AD a terrible landslide covered the city. The survivors built a new town in the plain and the name "Aigai" and the Temenids fell into oblivion. Only the memory of the palace survived with the name of the little village; Pallatitsia.
The first excavations date to 1861, a Macedonian tomb was discovered east of the Palace by Leon Heuzey and Henry Daumet. In 1922 the village of Vergina is founded by Asia Minor Greek refugees on the northeast side of the palace, using the ancient ruins for construction.

The excavations at the palace started again in 1937 under the direction of Konstantinos Romaios, professor of Archaeology of the University of Thessaloniki and a Macedonian tomb was found.
Manolis Andronikos started to excavate in the cemetery of the tumuli area from 1949 to 1960. In 1976 the famous archaeologist started to excavate the great tumulus and discover the tomb of Philip II and all his treasure. The media named this discovery the finding of the century.

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A brief history of Greece through archaeology
Macedonian archaeology
Homeric rituals of the death and the Macedonian tumulus
Stratigraphy and archaeological record
Archaeological drawing-ceramics
Guided visit to the Museum of the royal tombs of Aigai
The royal palace and the theatre of Aigai
Veria:  Cathedral-Jewish quarter-Archaeological and Byzantine museums
The archaeological site of Mieza: theatre-tombs of Judgment-Aristotle's School
Pela: archaeological site and Museum.
Thessaloniki: Byzantine and Archaeological museums


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