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Archaeological Crew Member


Swift River Environmental Services, LLC is looking for experienced Archaeological Crew Members for our project based in Yuma Proving Ground in southern Arizona. This project is scheduled to take place late January through late March of 2020.  Positions must be filled no later than January 15, 2020.

Primary Responsibilities:    Conduct pedestrian survey of a 10,000-acre tract within USAG Yuma Proving Ground in southern Arizona. Support the recording of all sites according to guidelines and standards maintained by Yuma Proving Ground and the Arizona State Museum. 

Experience: Crew members with prior experience with Patayan or other southwestern ceramics is desirable, but not required. Prior experience with GPS equipment and in-field digital data collection is desirable. 

Requirements:  Candidates must have a B.A. degree in anthropology/archaeology or closely related field. Able to walk 5+ miles per day, and prior experience in the American Southwest (Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico, and Colorado) is preferred. Successful candidates must complete a 24-hour HAZWOPER course (or demonstrate current certification), an Anti-Terrorism Awareness course, OPSEC Securing training, and submit information for installation access.  All training is on-line and reasonable time for completion will be compensated.  

Compensation:  Service Contract Act compensation for Archaeological Technician I and associated health/welfare benefits. Per diem and lodging will be provided.   

Send Cover Letter and Resume to:  and a copy to  

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