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MA Archaeologist, GIS Specialist seeking opportunities based out of Denver, CO


Experienced Archaeologist and GIS Specialist with a demonstrated history of field work across the southeastern and western United States related to academic research and cultural resource management. Highly skilled in archaeological data collection and GIS with over 7 years field experience and over 3 years using GIS, LiDAR, and multi-spectral imagery for anthropological analyses. Seeking full-time position and/or fieldwork based out of the Denver, CO area.

Colorado State University 
M.A. in Anthropology (coursework focus in Archaeology)
May 2019
GPA: 3.93/4.0

The University of the South
B.A. in Anthropology (coursework focus in Archaeology)
Minor in Spanish
May 2015
GPA: 3.74/4.0
Honors: Phi Beta Kappa, Magna cum laude

Alpine Archaeological Consultants, Inc. (Montrose, CO)
Archaeological Field Technician

July 2017 - November 2019

- Performed duties related to pedestrian survey and hand excavation of archaeological sites in accordance with federal and state laws for cultural resource management (Section 106 compliance)
- Responsibilities sometimes included training new employees on relevant paperwork for archaeological recording and writing of technical reports following monitoring of ground-disturbing activities 

- Projects included:
+ Pedestrian survey in Pike National Forest, Jefferson County, CO (July-Sept. 2017)
+ Pedestrian survey and shovel testing in Trego County, KS for Elk Creek pipeline (June 2018)
+ Pedestrian survey in Las Animas County, CO for NRCS rangeland improvement (June-July 2018)
+ Pedestrian survey in the Valles Caldera National Preserve, Sandoval County, NM, for cultural resource inventory compliance; Worked as a sub-contractor for the University of New Mexico (Aug.-Sept. 2018)
+ Data Recovery project in Richland County, MT for Elk Creek pipeline; excavation focused on a multi-component site including Archaic and Late Prehistoric deposits (Oct. 2018)
+ Data Recovery project in El Paso County, CO prior to construction of FEMA retention ponds; excavation focused on historic middens related to the household of William Jackson Palmer, who founded Colorado Springs (Nov. 2018)
+ Data Recovery project in La Plata County, CO prior to State Highway 550 expansion; excavation focused on multiple large sites related to ancestral Puebloan populations (April-Aug. 2019)
+ Data Recovery project in San Miguel County, CO on BLM land prior to transmission line construction; excavation focused on collapsed wickiup structures and associated artifacts from the proto-historic period (Aug. 2019)
+ Pedestrian survey in northern and central UT (Juab, Utah, and Beaver Counties) prior to construction of transmission lines by Trans West Electric (Sept. 2019)
+ Monitoring in El Paso County, CO during construction of new drainage systems at Grace and St. Stephen's Church (NRHP) in downtown Colorado Springs (Oct. 2019)
+ Monitoring in El Paso County, CO during grading activities at the Ponderosa Lodge (NRHP) at the La Foret Conference and Retreat Center (Nov. 2019)

The University of the South (Sewanee, TN)
Post Baccalaureate Fellow in Archaeology
Sept. 2015 - May 2016

Rebel's Rest Research Project
- Worked within an interdisciplinary team to excavate and interpret the archaeological assemblage from pre and post- Civil War occupations at an historic homestead at the center of the university campus
- Managed the university Archaeology Lab, assuring proper processing, cataloging, and curation of excavated materials; included supervision of two undergraduate lab technicians
- Functioned as the sole GIS Specialist for the project, ensuring proper collection, processing, and mapping of all relevant geospatial data; included production of official site maps and data QA/QC for all spatial data collected in the field
- Served as a teaching assistant for Dr. Sarah Sherwood in two sections of a field-based practicum course and one section of Artifact Analysis
- Managed site webpage and established a social media presence for Domain Archaeology 
- Worked with a team of foresters to collect wood samples for dendroecology and dendrochronology studies

Sewanee Native Cultigen Project
- Worked with Dr. Stephen Carmody to establish a native cultigen garden on the university campus, including planting, tending, and growing native plants for experimental archaeology
- Managed the Native Cultigen Project webpage

Tennessee Valley Archaeological Research (Huntsville, AL)
Archaeological Field Technician

(July - Aug. 2015)

- Performed duties related to pedestrian survey and shovel testing of archaeological sites in accordance with federal and state laws for cultural resource management (Section 106 compliance)

- Projects included:
+ Pedestrian survey and shovel testing in Noxubee County, MS prior to TVA transmission line construction
+ Pedestrian survey and shovel testing in Scott County, TN prior to TVA substation construction
+ Pedestrian survey and shovel testing at the Widows Creek Fossil Plant, Jackson County, AL
+ Pedestrian survey and shovel testing in Benton County, MS prior to TVA transmission line construction

Pinson Environmental Archaeology and Regional Landscape Project (Pinson, TN)
Archaeological Field Technician
Fall 2014

- Participated in archaeological test excavations at a Middle Woodland ceremonial center called the Johnston Site, which is related to the Pinson Mounds complex
- Included small scale data recovery and recording of relevant geospatial data

Samarina Site Excavation (La Libertad, Ecuador)
Archaeological Field Technician

Fall 2013

Participated in a 3-week independent, field-based study with the Universidad Estatal Peninsula de Santa Elena at an established archaeological excavation
- Excavation focused on a Pre-Columbian habitation site on the central Ecuadorian coast, which was occupied between 800 BC - AD 800 and associated with the Guangala culture
- Participated in excavation of dense shell midden contexts according to stratigraphic changes
- Culminated in a 20+ page report written in Spanish (translated to English in March 2015)

Sewanee Environmental Institute Field School in Archaeology (Sewanee, TN)
Field School Student

May - June 2013

- Participated in a 6-week intensive program located on the Cumberland Plateau (TN)
- Excavations focused on a rockshelter site with habitation from the Early Archaic through Woodland periods
- Skills gained include: excavation, artifact recovery, mapping and recording stratigraphy, as well as basic lab skills
- Introduction to geophysical remote sensing equipment (e.g. GPR and magnetometry) 

The Lake Pátzcuaro Archaeological Project (Michoacán, Mexico)
GIS Analyst, M.A. Thesis Work

Aug. 2016 - May 2019

- Worked as part of a research team to create an integrated understanding of life in the prehistoric city of Angamuco (AD 1000 - 1350), which was part of the Purépecha culture that dominated western central Mexico prior to European contact
- Analyzed and interpreted aerial LiDAR-derived digital elevation and surface models (DEMs and DSMs) with an emphasis on identifying spatial relationships between cultural features within the prehistoric urban environment
- Ran spatial analyses in Esri ArcMap, focusing specifically on pyramids, plaza and other public ritual spaces
- Utilized data from spatial analyses to compare monumental architectural features on both an intra-site and regional scale

Colorado State University Department of Anthropology (Fort Collins, CO)
Graduate Teaching Assistant

Aug. 2016 - May 2017

- Assisted professors with grading of all assignments, quizzes, and tests
- Managed student grades and other course components through Canvas online platform
- Attended all classes to be familiar with course content and engage in student discussion
- Held office hours on a weekly basis for answering student questions and aiding in the writing process
- Courses included Introduction to World Prehistory and Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

Sewanee Environmental Institute Field School in Archaeology (Sewanee, TN)
Teaching Assistant

May - July 2016

- Responsible for educating students on archaeological method and practice related to fieldwork in conjunction with the Field Director (Dr. Stephen Carmody) and Lab Manager (Stephanie Hacker, M.A.)
- Helped supervise student excavations at three separate sites, including: Rebel's Rest (Sewanee, TN), Johnston Site (Pinson, TN), and the Cedar Knoll Site at Russell Cave National Monument (Bridgeport, AL)
- Included work with a Cherokee Tribal Representative at the Cedar Knoll site, which was specifically related to the repatriation of human remains under NAGPRA

Friedl, Alexandra J.
2018 "Lasers through the Leaves: An overview of Lidar Applications in Archaeology for Forested Regions." Furthering Perspectives: Anthropological Views of the World. Edited by S. Berganini. 8: 76-88.

Friedl, Alexandra J.
2019 "The Pyramids and Temples of Angamuco (Michoacán, Mexico): Decoding Meaning Through Spatial Analysis of Form, Scale, and Directional Orientation," Master's Thesis, Department of Anthropology, Colorado State University, Fort Collins.

Friedl, Alexandra J. and Michelle Slaughter
2019 "Archaeological Monitoring at the Grace and St. Stephen's Episcopal Church (5EP.350), Colorado Springs, Colorado, in Support of State Historical Fund Grant No. 2018-01-006"

Society for American Archaeology, 81st Annual Meeting (Orlando, FL)
Poster Presenter
April 7, 2016
"Multidisciplinary Research on Rebel's Rest: A 150 Year Old Log Frame House Site in Sewanee, Tennessee" By: Sarah Sherwood, Gerald Smith, Stephen Carmody, Alexandra Friedl, and Patrick Vestal

Rocky Mountain Pre-Columbian Association Research Colloquium, 3rd Annual Meeting (Denver, CO)
Paper Presenter
Sept. 30, 2017
"Monumental Architecture and Power at Angamuco (Michoacán, Mexico)" By: Alexandra J. Friedl

Southeastern Archaeological Conference, 74th Annual Meeting (Tulsa, OK)
Paper Presenter
Nov. 16, 2017
"Life Histories at Two Upland Rockshelters on the Cumberland Plateau" By: Alexandra J. Friedl, Elic M. Weitzel, Sierra M. Bow, Stephen B. Carmody, and Sarah C. Sherwood

Languages: Proficient in Spanish

Software: Esri ArcMap, ArcGIS Pro, Microsoft Office, some work with ENVI and MARS



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