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Cultural Resources Specialist


Working collaboratively with Great Basin National Park (GBNP), the Great Basin Institute is recruiting one Cultural Resource Specialist to support the preparation and submission of a National Register of Historic Places (NR) District nomination for Upper and Lower Pictograph caves; and the archaeological area of the Gray Cliffs on Baker Creek, in Great Basin National Park. Upon completion of the nomination form, the required documentation will be reviewed and finalized by GBNP Cultural Resource Manager and Archaeologist and submitted for National Park Service regional review and submission for inclusion in the National Register.

Specific tasks include:

  • Compiling previous archaeological knowledge for the site area;
  • Reviewing and updating existing IMACS site forms as needed;
  • Surveying and recording related prehistoric sites and rock art to include in the nomination;
  • Completing IMACS site forms for new discoveries;
  • Conducting archival research to identify historical materials related to the archaeological sites;
  • Consulting with local tribes to determine the ethno-historic importance of the area;
  • Collecting new and utilizing existing GIS spatial data to define prehistoric/historic district boundaries;
  • Preparing a historic/prehistoric context for the NRHP nomination;
  • Collaborating with local tribes to create an interpretive guide for the district;
  • Working with tribes and park law enforcement to recommend protection and preservation measures for sensitive areas.

The work will be supervised by park staff and Tribal members will be invited to participate in gathering information. Other groups will be invited to participate potentially including Nevada Archaeological Association, Nevada Archaeological Site Stewardship Program, Nevada Rock Art Foundation, and park VIP’s. This work will be completed in one year.


  • Required: M.A. in archaeology, anthropology, indigenous people’s studies, or other closely related field.
  • Highly Preferred: Knowledge of Great Basin area rock art or experience with research and/or documentation of rock art in the Western US;
  • Previous experience completing NRHP nominations and determinations of eligibility, including experience with Tribal consultation throughout the process;
  • Ability to produce IMACS site forms, technical reports, manage data in both an office and field setting, and ensure electronic NPS cultural databases are properly maintained.
  • Ability to lead and conduct archaeological surveys (e.g., mapping, data recording, site documenting and photography, navigating mountainous terrain and collecting GIS spatial data);
  • Ability to work independently and within a team to accomplish project goals and to communicate effectively with a diverse public in both a field and office setting;
  • Possess a valid, state-issued driver’s license and clean driving record, and experience safely operating 4WD trucks on- and off-road, including narrow and steep forest roads, and conducting routine vehicle maintenance;
  • Willingness and ability to consistently enact high performance standards and a strong work and team ethic in support of the mission of GBI and the goals and objectives of the NPS.
  • Previous experience working with the National Park Service, or working in the Great Basin region is desirable.
Compensation and Benefits: 

  • Rate of Pay: $30.00/hour
  • Full insurance coverage (health, dental, vision)
  • Housing at the park is available February-April depending on occupancy and is subject to park rates. Background checks are required for park housing.

How to Apply: 

To learn more and apply, please follow the link below: 


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