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2020 Museum of Natural & Cultural History- Rimrock Draw Rockshelter Field School - Oregon


Summer 2020 Field School: Rimrock Draw Rockshelter – Museum of Natural and Cultural History through the University of Oregon;  June 22 through July 31st, 2020. Located in south-central Oregon. 

UO archaeologist Patrick O'Grady specializes in Paleoamerican studies in the Western United States. Join him for this six-week field experience at Rimrock Draw Rockshelter, a site that recently produced what may be the oldest stone tool west of the Rocky Mountains. 

The 2020 field school program is divided into four sections: 1) establishing regional context, 2) lithic identification, 3) beginning excavation techniques, and 4) advanced excavation techniques.  The first week will include lectures and field trips to Sagehen Gap Clovis site, Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, French Round Barn, and other locations of archaeological and historic interest; a tour of the Harney Basin and surroundings to establish geographical context, and walking tours of the area surrounding Rimrock Draw Rockshelter to provide environmental and cultural context for the site and setting. Week two will consist of a five-day lithic workshop conducted by lithic analyst Dan Stueber. Each day of instruction will be followed by field trips to nearby Paleoindian sites of interest where you can practice newly developed skills and delve deeper into the archaeological context of Rimrock Draw.

You'll get hands-on training in three phases of archaeological investigation, including pedestrian survey techniques, test excavation, and data recovery. During week three, we'll begin our excavations in 1x2m units across the stream channel from the rockshelter and in 50x50cm units near the shelter. Weeks four through six mark the transition from introductory to advanced excavation, with work in rockshelter interiorthe oldest and most archaeologically challenging portion of the site. 

8 credits

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