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MA Archaeologist - field, laboratory, museum, academic publishing experience - Southwest USA


Dain Swenson
Contact - Mobile: 928 243 4439  Email:

Willing to work in the USA or abroad and relocate depending on salary or hourly wage. Currently reside in Mesa Arizona.

MA - Viking and Medieval Norse Studies, University of Iceland, 2019
  Thesis: Viking Age Diet in Denmark: An Isotopic Investigation of Human and Faunal Remains in Aarhus Denmark
BA - Anthropology, Arizona State University, 2017
Exchange semester, Kalmar Sweden 2015

Field School - Sanisera Archaeological Institute, Menorca Spain, 2017

Professional Experience/Internships
Paleowest Archaeology, Phoenix AZ  - July 2020-Present
Archaeological Technician
Phase 1 pedestrian survey and Phase 3 data collection and Archaeological Monitoring. Data collection involves excavation of cultural material as well as human cremations and inhumations. 
Crew Member. Archaeological monitoring of construction, project 20-640. Edison Park Activity Hub Monitoring for the city of Phoenix. N. 20th street and E. Garfield street, Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona USA. Project Manager: Lauren Brooks, Principle Investigator: Scott Courtright. Fieldwork: 07/30/20-07/31/20.

Crew Member. Data Collection, Proeject 20-627. 16th street and Polk street Cultural Resource Inventory for the city of Phoenix. Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona USA. Project Director: Eric Cox. Fieldwork: 7/13/20-7/17/20, 7/20/20-7/24/20, 7/27/20-7/29/20, 08/11/20-08/14/20.

Envirosystems Management, Flagstaff AZ - June-August 2017, May-June 2020, August 2020-Present. 
Archaeological Technician
Phase 1 Pedestrian survey in the southwest, Environmental monitoring of border fence replacement in Arizona. Primary responsibilities included site recording with Trimble and Garmin GIS systems, lithic and ceramic inventory on prehistoric sites, can and glass inventory on historic sites, photographing sites and artifacts, flagging eligible sites. Environmental monitoring included inventory of local animal species close to construction and archaeological monitoring of sensitive areas.

Crew Member. Pedestrian Survey, Project 2051-20. West Escudilla PJ NRCS Cultural Resources Inventory (3,689 acres). Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests (Springerville Ranger District), east of Springerville, Apache County, Arizona. Josh Whiting, Project Manager; Blayne R. Brown, Field Director. Fieldwork: 5/20/20–5/27/20, 6/3/20–6/9/20.

Crew Member. Pedestrian Survey, Project 1921-17. West Escudilla Restoration Project (WERP) Tenney-Pace Cultural Resources Inventory (2,439 acres). Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests (Alpine Ranger District), southeas tof Alpine, Apache County, Arizona. EnviroSystems Management; Josh Whiting, Project Manager; Lanell Poseyesva, Field Supervisor. Fieldwork: 7/26/17–7/31/17.

Crew Member. Pedestrian Survey, Project 1777j-17. Upper Kanab Creek (Burnt Cedar Point) Vegetation Restoration Cultural Resources Inventory (3,724 acres). BLM (Color County District, Kanab Field Office), Skutumpah Terrace, east of Glendale, Kane County, Utah. EnviroSystems Management; Josh Whiting, Project Manager/Director. Fieldwork: 6/28/17–7/5/17, 7/12/17–7/15/17, 7/24/17–8/3/17, 8/7/17.

Crew Member. Pedestrian Survey, Project 1777i-17. Indian Creek (Wildcat) Vegetation Restoration Cultural Resources Inventory (1,401 acres). BLM (Color County District, Cedar City Field Office), Tushar Mountains, northeast of Beaver, Beaver County, Utah. EnviroSystems Management; Josh Whiting, Project Manager; Jeff Burns, Project Director. Fieldwork: 6/14/17–6/21/17, 8/21/17–8/24/17.

Ceræ Australasian Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies – Volume 7, February 2020-Present
Social Media Manager
Manage social media accounts for the journal, write articles for the journal blog, advertise calls for papers to researchers and students on multiple platforms, assist in preliminary peer reviewing articles as needed, promote research on our subjects and the wider field of medieval and early modern studies.

The Saga Museum - Reykjavik Iceland, September 2017-December 2019
Receptionist, Museum Archaeologist
Greet customers, give personalized tours to VIP groups, occasional archaeological consulting for customers or other interested parties, answering questions related to Saga literature and Icelandic heritage, help manage museum education and outreach on social media, assist in the creation of new exhibits, help acquire new vendors for artifact replicas and literature in the gift shop. Currently conduct occasional archaeological consulting for the museum on a volunteer basis.

Vypovziv Excavation - Chernihiv Ukraine, July 2019
Excavation and recording of a Viking Rus site in northern Ukraine. The project took place during 2 weeks in the field and included excavation, site recording, cleaning and cataloging artifacts, and cooperation with Ukrainian students and researchers.

Moesgaard Archaeoscience Laboratory, Aarhus University - Aarhus Denmark, October 2018-January 2019
Graduate Research Assistant
Bone collagen extraction and sample preparation for a carbon and nitrogen stable nuclear isotope analysis project with Viking Age human and animal remains to infer dietary patterns in Denmark.

Arizona State University - Tempe Arizona, August 2016-May 2017
Undergraduate Research Assistant
Extract and prepare samples of calcium carbonates from speleothems to analyze oxygen and carbon isotopes to model rainfall patterns and climatic change during the Pleistocene Epoch.

Conference Presentations
European Association of Archaeologists, Annual Meeting
- Bern Switzerland, 2019
Swenson, D., Fuller, Benjamin T., Kveiborg, J., Ritchie, K., Kristjánsdóttir, S., Olsen, J., Linaa, J., Larson, L., Mannino, M. (2019). “Viking Age Diet in Aarhus: An Isotopic Investigation of Human and Faunal Remains”.

Aarhus Student Symposium on Viking and Medieval Scandinavian Subjects, Aarhus, Denmark, 2019
Swenson, D. (2019). “Ships, Kings, and Draugar: Investigating Burial Mounds with Noninvasive Archaeology”.

English - native language
German - CEFR Level A2 in listening, reading, writing
Swedish - CEFR Level A1 in listening, reading, writing
Old Norse/Old Icelandic - Able to read and translate standardized Old Icelandic texts to English

Additional Skills: Prior management experience (Sales and retail), international experience in multiple aspects of archaeology, experience conducting a scientific project under supervision 

References available upon request

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Hello, we are actively recruiting for a Senior Project Archaeologist to serve as a cultural resources Principal Investigator. This is a permanent, full-time, salaried position. Candidates may have a specialty in historical, industrial, or prehistoric archaeology or in architectural history. The successful candidate will be expected to manage cultural resources projects, communicate with clients and government agencies, prepare proposals, manage project budgets, and write compliance reports and other project deliverables. The successful candidate may work from Broadbent’s Reno Denver or Las Vegas offices, but will be expected to be part of the overall team.

Broadbent & Associates, Inc is an engineering and environmental consulting company founded in 1987. Broadbent serves a range of clients throughout the mid and western United States. Broadbent’s cultural resources team currently includes three professional full-time staff in our Reno office and one part-time archaeological technician in our Denver office. The cultural resources department is led by Ms. Margo Memmott out of the Reno, Nevada office. Our cultural resources team is supported by an ArcGIS/Database Specialist and Broadbent’s administrative staff.

Please let me know if you are interested in the opportunity,
Jan Pieri
Senior HR Consultant


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