Topic ID #42523 - posted 7/22/2020 3:28 PM

Entry level archaeology; is there a career path?

Brett Colburn

Hey there folks,


I’m new to the group. My Name is Brett Colburn, I am preparing to graduate from a 4 year archaeology program (technically masters) in Scotland. Although I’ve gotten several job offers here in the UK, my chances of getting a work visa have been slashed for a number of reasons. So here I am, back to the drawing board… in the US. What I’ve found in doing some research is that employment here for entry level positions is unregulated, unsteady, and underpaid. This scares me. And many other’s I presume. My question is this;

As someone who has put all of their eggs in a useless backet (the UK) what advice can you offer to someone attempting to enter the job market here in the US? Broadly speaking I’m curious as to the reliability of CRM work and how competitive applications are. More specifically, I wonder if that work is frequently seasonal and if there is frequently a distinguished upward trajectory at these firms.


P.S. Are there any central bodies that establish a line of communication between the public/ employees and employers? For example, in the you UK we have CIFA that sets standards for all archaeological jobs.


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