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The Great Basin Institute seeks a professional Archaeologist to engage in pending project work, including pre-implementation NEPA assessment of a hazard-tree removal corridor on the Sequoia National Forest (SQF), and drafting an inadvertent-discoveries plan as part of ethnographic work on the Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Park (SEKI) to ensure tribal involvement and tribal relationship building.

SQF NEPA: A professional archaeologist, as outlined in the Secretary of Interior’s Professional Qualification Standards for Archeology (36 CFR Part 61), is needed to complete cultural resources inventory and archaeological site documentation. The investigations to be conducted are initiated and influenced by a number of Federal requirements, including the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, as amended; the National Environmental Policy Act of 1970; Executive Order 11593 (Protection and Enhancement of the Cultural Environment) of 1971; the Archeological and Historic Preservation Act of 1974; the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act of 1990; and the Archeological Resources Protection Act of 1979. The Archaeologist must be familiar with these federal regulations as well as with conducting cultural resource inventories on Forest Service lands in California. The Archaeologist will obtain an Organic Act permit from the Sequoia National Forest to allow for archaeological survey on Forest Service lands, and conduct background research for the project. Most cultural resource inventory literature for the project area will be located at the Ranger District Office in Kernville, CA, but some maybe located at the Supervisors Office in Porterville, CA.

SEKI Inadvertent Discoveries Plan: The goals of this cooperative project are to better protect and conserve cultural resources within Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks and the southern Sierra Nevada ethnographic landscape.  This work includes drafting an inadvertent discoveries plan as part of the parks’ ethnographic work to ensure tribal involvement in managing any human remains discovered within the parks as well as other cultural resources work, including archaeological surveys, cultural landscape work, and tribal relationship building. Additional work may include oral histories, historic building surveys, museum work or other cultural resources activities. This project will produce a draft inadvertent discoveries plan for Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks.  This work will advance cultural resources preservation within the parks’ tribal areas.

  • Advanced degree from an accredited college or university in Archeology or related discipline;
  • Certification: Register of Professional Archaeologists and state certification;
  • Familiarity with federal and state regulations governing cultural resource management and environmental protection and with conducting cultural resource inventories on Forest Service lands in California;
  • Experience with NEPA/CEQA compliance, including participation on interdisciplinary team, and performing background research, field surveys, documentation, data management and analysis, and reporting;
  • Experience in ethnography, tribal relations, and/or inadvertent-discovery planning;
  • Knowledge of regional prehistoric and historic archaeology, and best practices for cultural resource management and stewardship;
  • Ability to gather, manage, and manipulate spatial data using GPS and GIS technologies;
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills, and ability to communicate effectively with agency and GBI staff, tribal representatives, field personnel, and others; and
  • Willingness and ability to consistently enact high performance standards and a strong work and team ethic in support of the mission of GBI.
Based at GBI offices in Reno or Las Vegas, NV, or in proximity to project sites (east of Fresno, CA).

  • $30.00-35.00/hour, depending on experience
  • Fully paid premium for medical, dental, and vision insurance
  • 401K fully vested at 4% match 
  • Paid vacation, holiday, and sick time

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