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MA, geophysical & pedestrian survey, WILL TRAVEL


Allan A. Wolfrum, M.A., R.P.A.

513 W. San Antonio Ave., Apt. #1, El Paso, TX 79901 


2019    M.A., Archaeology

Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada          

 2014     B.A., Anthropology (with Distinction)

            University of Minnesota Twin Cities, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

EXPERIENCE [5.5 years: ~4.5 years professional, ~1.0-year volunteer]

Cherokee Nation Management & Consulting Archaeology Technician III

Dec 2019 – Aug 2020  Fort Bliss Military Reservation, El Paso, Texas

  •        Surveyed 100+ acre parcels in remote desert environs for precontact/historic cultural materials to fulfill Section 106/110 & US DOD requirements
  •        Conducted subsurface geomorphic evaluations to determine site integrity
  •       Authored CRM reports documenting findings: artifact analysis, NRHP evaluations, site/area histories, ArcGIS maps & Texas state archaeological site forms (TARL)
  •       Worked in conjunction with Army planning personnel to determine maneuver battle plans that mitigate damage to cultural resources

Geophysical Survey Director: Vinland Revisited Project

Aug – Sept. 2019  L’anse Aux Meadows, Newfoundland, Canada

  • Managed $11,000 budget & supervised up to 3 volunteers assisting with 4,500 m2 multi-instrument survey
  • Conducted magnetometry, electromagnetic induction (EMI) & metal detection surveys in bog environs
  • Processed, interpreted & georeferenced data presented to Primary Investigators, government & local interests using ArcGIS

Archaeological Technician: Tradition + Transition Community Project

July – Aug. 2019  Rigolet, Labrador, Canada

  •        Excavated middens associated with multi-occupation ~18th Century Inuit sod houses
  •      Supervised local Inuit student volunteers in field & lab practices, e.g. artifact cleaning, housing & cataloging, etc.
  •      Traveled to site via small watercraft & conducted fieldwork in survival suits in freezing rain & sleet
Co-Principle Investigator Geophysical Survey: “Sensing the Unseen,” M.A. Project

July – Aug. 2018  Happy Valley-Goose Bay/North West River, Labrador, Canada

  •        Conducted magnetometry, EMI, & GPR surveys in over 50,000 m2 of dune environs
  •       Processed, interpreted, & georeferenced collected data to identify anomalies & pinpoint  areas for excavation using ArcGIS
  •        Supervised up to 6 diverse volunteers during direction of excavation & artifact recovery

Logistics Coordinator: “Sensing the Unseen,” M.A. Project

Jan. – April 2018  Memorial University, St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada

  •       Managed $20,000 budget to account for 1,800-mile round-trip (via car & ferry) travel for 8-week survey project with one assistant crewmember
  •        Organized multinational (USA, Canada, Germany) shipping & rental of geophysical equipment with vendors & manufacturers

Archaeological Field/Laboratory/Vehicle Technician

Mar. 2016 – Aug. 2017 Midwest Archaeological Center (NPS), Lincoln, Nebraska, USA

  •       Assisted in geophysical (magnetometry, EMI, GPR, metal detection) & pedestrian surveys in over 12 states 
  •        Excavated prehistoric to historic period sites, evaluated historic buildings & monitored site erosion
  •       Maintained vehicle fleet & clean/identify/catalog/curate prehistoric & historic period artifacts to NPS repository standards

Archaeological Field/Laboratory/Museum Intern

Jan. – Mar. 2016 Virgin Islands National Park (NPS), St. John, Virgin Islands

  •       Conducted marine & terrestrial surveys for prehistoric & historic period artifacts
  •       Assisted in documentation, identification, & recovery of submerged human remains
  •        Identified/cataloged prehistoric ceramic artifacts & interpreted museum exhibits to public

Archaeological Museum Technician

July 2015 – Jan. 2016 Fort Stanwix National Monument (NPS), Rome, New York, USA

  •       Assisted with artifact photography for social media production
  •       Conducted environmental monitoring & integrated pest management for museum storage & exhibit spaces
  •         Cataloged & labeled over 1,500 historic period artifacts using ICMS Re:discovery database systems

Archaeological Field/Laboratory Volunteer Coordinator

May – Aug. 2014 Lubbock Lake Landmark, Lubbock, Texas, USA

  •        Supervised & instructed up to 10 volunteers during field & lab work
  •        Constructed archival housing for varieties of historic artifacts
  •        Excavated historic plains settler (19th century) & precontact (Folsom period) faunal remains

Archaeological Laboratory Intern

Jan. – May 2014 University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

  •        Created Access database & cataloged over 500 Acheulian & Mousterian lithic objects
  •        Authored report & presented findings to lab director & relevant faculty

Archaeological Field/Laboratory Volunteer

June – Aug. 2013 Lubbock Lake Landmark, Lubbock, Texas, USA

  •        Surveyed, excavated, & cataloged historic & precontact objects associated with plains settler & Folsom sites
  •        Operated Trimble R8 RTK GPS to mark location of lithic artifacts identified during survey

Geophysical Survey Volunteer                    

May – June 2013 University of Minnesota, Wadena, Minnesota, USA

  •       Assisted with GPR & resistivity survey of historic (1790s) French fur trade post
  •        Excavated anomalies identified via geophysical instrument survey                  

Archaeological Field School Student                                  

June – July 2012 University of Minnesota, Wadena, Minnesota, USA 

  •       Learned fundamentals of field excavation & artifact identification/cleaning/cataloging
  •        Coordinated with Wadena Historical Society & lead site tours for local seniors                     


AmeriCorps National Community Conservation Corps-member

Oct. 2014 – July 2015 Corporation for National & Community Service, Denver, Colorado, USA

  • Established protocol for Navajo Nation Rural Addressing Authority using GPS, aerial photos, & interviews in Utah, Arizona, & New Mexico
  • Operated a chainsaw & other tools in the creation/maintenance of hiking trails in Junction City,

PUBLICATIONS [* indicates in progress]

2021     *Neilsen, Scott1 & Allan Wolfrum2

Archaeological investigations into a post-archaic landform in Upper Lake Melville, Labrador, & implications for archaeological history & practice in the Quebec-Labrador Peninsula. In Canadian Museum of History (Mercury) Series edited by Ken Holyoke & Gabe Hyrnick: University of Ottawa Press, Ottawa, Ontario.



Wolfrum, Allan

Archaeological survey of 72.7-acres in Training Area 2D, Fort Bliss Military Reservation, El Paso, Texas. Report No. 2004. Prepared for the Directorate of Public Works Environmental Division, Garrison Comm&, Fort Bliss, Texas. Unclassified Sensitive Information.

2019     Neilsen, Scott & Allan Wolfrum

Archaeo-Geophysical Prospection in Upper Lake Melville, Labrador. Prepared for the Provincial Archaeology Office (PAO) of Newfoundland & Labrador Annual Review vol. 18, St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada. Available online.

2018     Wolfrum, Allan

Review of the KT-20 3F S/C meter in Newfoundland & Labrador. Prepared for Terraplus Inc., Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. Available from author upon request.

2017     Schilling, Tim, Adam Wiewel, Kevin Fenyak, & Allan Wolfrum

Geophysical Investigations at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. Prepared for the Midwest Archaeological Center (MWAC), Lincoln, Nebraska, USA. Available from MWAC upon request.                                                                                                                                                                                       


2020     International Society for Archaeological Prospection (ISAP)

2019     Memorial University Digital Archaeology Group (founding member & 2018-2019 VP)


2020    Register of Professional Archaeologists (RPA #18034)

2019    Red Cross Wilderness & Remote Settings First Aid/CPR/AED (2019-2022)



  • Mapping Sites with Magnetic Susceptibility, Halifax, NS (workshop)
  • GPR for Archaeologists, Halifax, NS (workshop)


  •   Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System Training (WHIMIS)
  •   US Government Employee Defensive Driving Training
  •    Federal Information System Security Awareness (FISSA)       
  •         NCPTT Geophysical Prospection Field Methods & Theory, Pea Ridge, AR (workshop)                  


  • NAGPRA in the National Parks
  •   Managing National Park Service Archaeological Collections
  •   Safeguarding Department of the Interior Museum Collections
  •   National Park Service Integrated Pest Management (IPM)                                            


  • Red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED & EpiPen administration
  • AmeriCorps Chainsaw Operation Training
  • AmeriCorps Forklift Operation Training



  •         Sensys MXPDA magnetometer cart  
  •       Bartington 601-2 magnetometer   
  •       Terraplus KT-20 EMI meter
  •         Geonics EM38 mk2 EMI meter
  •         Sensors & Software NOGGIN GPR Smart Cart/Tow, GSSI GPR
  •         Garret 700 Pro metal detector
  •         Trimble GeoExplorer x6/7 GPS
  •         Nikon 3500 Total Survey Station


  •       ArcGIS PRO
  •       ArcGIS v. 10
  •       Surfer v. 15
  •       QGIS v. 2.18
  •       DAT38 MK2
  •       Sensys MAGNETO v. 2.04
  •       EKKO_Project
  •       Microsoft Office suite
  •         Trimble Pathfinder
  •         Re:Discovery Proficio


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