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Hard working Archaeology and Anthropology Undergraduate


‍‍Carynn Hahnel

1051 Harbor View Rd, 

Charleston SC 29412 

Mobile: (843) 729-1708


Hard working Archaeologist Undergraduate, willing to relocate and travel, who has gained experience in the field, as well as the Museum, and the laboratory setting. Has participated in several excavations while studying past and present cultures both locally and abroad. Over two years focused on volunteering and Interning at Charleston Museum while working, taking classes, attending field school at Hampton Plantation, and partaking in an assistantship project identifying, digitally illustrating, and documenting Roman glass. Abundant hands-on experience with archaeological field methods as well as artifact analysis. Strong passion for electrolytic reduction cleaning and ceramic analysis. Works well both individually and within a team. Overall goal of gaining more experience while striving to understand and preserve the history of past cultures.


(2018-2020) Bachelor of Arts In Archaeology From The College of Charleston, South Carolina     

Field school (2019): Hampton Planation, Mc Clellanville Sc. 

Research of area, attempt to locate Slave Housing with Phase I and II.

Extensive excavation of suspected slave housing with Phase III

Identification and processing of Artifacts, identification of structural features.

Mapping, Data management, written report, and photography.

Internship (8/2019 -1/2020): Charleston Museum, Charleston SC. 

Cleaning, Identification, and analysis of artifacts excavated from local sites.

Ceramic sherd identification and restoration

Electrolysis reduction cleaning of civil war artifacts

Data management and photography

Research Assistantship (1/2020-6/2020): Contextual analysis of Roman glass Basilica of Damous El Karita, Carthage.    In depth contextual analysis of glass mosaic tiles, windows, and vessel 

fragments dating back to the 5th and 6th BCE. 

Focus on the East isle where many mosaics marked graves. Below the church.

artifact analysis and illustration. database entry, digital illustration, photography, in depth research and writing. 

(2018-2020) Bachelor of Science IN Anthropology From The College of Charleston, South Carolina

    Anthropological and geological Research expedition (6/2019-7/2019): The cradle of human kind, South Africa.

    Focus: stratigraphic mapping, Australopithecus Africanus, West Coast Fossil park, geological features such as the 

    cape folds.

(2018) Associates in Science FROM Trident technical College IN North Charleston, South Carolina 

 Focus: Anthropology

Volunteer Project: (2019-2020) Hampton plantation Mc Clellanville, SC.

Reconnaissance survey and shovel test pits of structure not shown on maps in phase I.

Shovel test pits and GIS to determine site boundary in phase II.

Excavation of structure and artifact analysis in phase III.


    • Archaeological field methods, 
    • Field experience in artifact excavation and identification pertaining to sites, features, and artifacts of historic time periods
    • Data management, analysis, and input
    • Time management, Ability to work alone or as part of a team, willing to relocate and travel
    • CPR certified


Martha Zierden

(843) 708-0325

Ron Anthony

(843) 609-7369

David Jones

(803) 760-8125

Allison Sterrett-Krause

(843) 817-5845


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