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BATULYA Archaeological Fieldschool 2021


IMPORTANT! In 2021 all workshops and field schools offered by Svoge Heritage Program (SHP) are situated high in the mountain in isolated, environmentally friendly areas in order to protect our participants and team in a COVID 19 pandemic situation. Places are limited.

Archaeological Field School

PERIOD: Late Roman Ages 4th - 6th c. AD

DATES: 4 July - 17 July & 18 July - 31 July, 2021

PARTICIPATION FEE: € 973 for two weeks


The archaeological excavations will be carried out at Batulya fortress - a Byzantine stronghold, situated in Stara planina (Old Mountain). This is a relatively new archaeological site - the archaeological excavations here started in 2017. The fortress is registered for the first time in the 80s but never has been studied. Nowadays on the terrain can be seen the remains of an old fortification wall as well as some of the buildings inside of the stronghold. The protective walls have a thickness of 1,5 meters and are preserved along about 100 meters at the Northern part of the fortification. The dimensions of the fortified area are about 1500 sq.m. The walls fence an area with a rectangular layout. At the Eastern part of the terrain are traced ruins of a square tower.

The fortress is situated not far from the main city of Bulgaria - Sofia. It is built on a mountain hill with an altitude of 650 meters, guarding the defile of the River Batulyiska. In the ancient times here passed the road connecting the South part of the Balkans with the Danube plain. It is a very important passage because it crosses dangerous lands through the mountains. The fortress near Batulya is one of the important points along this road which functions were to protect the commercial ties between North and South and to ensure the safe passage of troops crossing the mountains.

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