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EXPERIMENTAL ARCHAEOLOGY - With horses on the Roman roads 2021


IMPORTANT! In 2021 all workshops and field schools offered by Svoge Heritage Program (SHP) are situated high in the mountain in isolated, environmentally friendly areas in order to protect our participants and team in a COVID 19 pandemic situation. Places are limited.


Experimental archaeology is a powerful and very interesting method of investigating the past. The results could be unexpected but in any case very useful for Archaeology and Anthropology science.

The current project will focus on well preserved Roman roads situated in a mountain area. We will cross the mountain from Nord to South riding on the ancient roads which connect the Danubian Plain with Thracia.

This will be an exciting Archaeological adventure and scientific research which will give us new skills and knowledge.


TYPE: Experimental Archaeology

PERIOD: Roman Ages 2th - 3th c. AD

DATES: 1 August - 14 August & 22 August - 4 September, 2021

PARTICIPATION FEE: € 1349 for two weeks



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