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Archaeological excavations of St. Panteleimon church 2021


IMPORTANT! In 2021 all workshops and field schools offered by Svoge Heritage Program (SHP) are situated high in the mountain in isolated, environmentally friendly areas in order to protect our participants and team in a COVID 19 pandemic situation. Places are limited.


In 2021 the Svoge Heritage program (SHP) will start a completely new excavation at the locality "Trastenaya hut". At this place is situated an old church called by the locals "St. Panteleimon". In Bulgarian folklore St. Panteleimon is the saint, connected with travels, roads, and links between the worlds.

In course of the excavations, the students will have a chance to take part in a completely new scientific project, to learn the basic steps of preliminary research activities, GIS studies, topographical and historical context, field methods of starting archaeological digs. The project offers an opportunity to gain basic skills of the "very beginning" of archaeological research, to discover and to analyze archaeological data.


TYPE: Archaeological Field School

PERIOD: Late Roman Ages 4th - 6th c. AD

DATES: 5 September - 25 September

PARTICIPATION FEE: € 1265 for three weeks



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