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Full-Time Project Director - Eden Prairie, MN

In Situ Archaeological Consulting, LLC, is seeking a Full-Time Project Director based in the  Eden Prairie office to work on various projects in the Midwest. This will be a salaried position that will be based on skills and experience. This position is expected to be filled by February 2021.

Job Description:
This is an mid-level position. A Project Director performs skilled tasks at for both archaeological fieldwork and some office administration. The responsibilities and duties of this position include, but are not limited to:
  • Supervising all aspects of archaeological survey, site recording and evaluations and archaeological testing and data recovery;
  • Coordinating and communicating with representatives from various local, state, and federal agencies;
  • Working independently under the direction of the supervising project manager;
  • Analyzing and documenting prehistoric and historic sites and artifacts; 
  • Completing other duties that may include office work associated with cultural resources management; and
  • Prepare and organized compliance report and documents 
  • Able to edit and review reports, site forms, and other need documentation to a high standard.
Minimum Qualifications: 
  • Master’s Degree in Anthropology, Archaeology, or related field;
  • Able to be on the Register of Professional Archaeologists 
  • Knowledge of North American Archaeology; Prehistory; History; Artifact Analysis; Historic Preservation; Secretary of the Interior Standards for Archaeology; National Register of Historic Places eligibility criteria; Archival Research techniques; 
  • Familiarity with federal and state laws and regulations for cultural resources and historic preservation including, but not limited to, Section 106, NEPA, and Section 4(f);
  • Minimum of two (2) years of experience with a wide range of field methodologies, including archaeological survey, testing, excavation, and monitoring required;
  • Minimum of one (1) years of experience as field supervisor.
Physical Demands and Working Conditions:
  • Extensive manual labor including excavation with shovels, bending, kneeling, standing, and lifting and carrying objects weighing 50 lbs
  • Must have tolerance for working in outdoor environments, including prolonged walking or standing on various terrains in a wide range of weather conditions
  • Must be able to be in the field for weeks at a time. 
  • Valid driver's license with a good driving record
  • May be subject to pre-employment substance abuse test.
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