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What do I do after getting a masters degree?

Kristine Whaley

I received my masters degree in archaeology (from the UK) in 2016 and have been at a loss as to what to do after. I have tried to get a job in both the UK and Ireland but was unsuccessful. I have tried looking for a job in the US but I don't have a field school certificate and very limited experience.
What would be my best course of action if I wanted any kind of career in archaeology? 
Thank you for the advice. 

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I had the same issues! I got my masters in Glasgow and did a field school on Mull. Unfortunately Vikings and the Celts don’t exactly apply to US Archaeology, which has made it a bit more difficult to find something here (I’m from the Pacific Northwest). I mainly just applied for every thing I thought I might be a little qualified for, as well as reaching out to friends to see if they knew of any jobs. It started slow, but once I got a temporary excavation job it led to more field work, which led to some seasonal work with the forest service which has led to on call work with a few local firms. I’d say apply to lower GS grades with the forest service as it’s a wonderful place to start, as well as looking on here and shovelbums/indeed etc for project work as well as being willing to do on call work with local firms.


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