Topic ID #42906 - posted 12/14/2020 6:28 AM

Field Technician, southeastern U.S. (Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina)

Rob Benson

The CRM division of Nutter & Associates, Inc., Athens, Ga., is in need of experienced field technicians for the southeastern United States, specifically for projects on the Francis Marion NF and in northwestern Georgia. Other projects may emerge over the next month or so. Presently, employment would be guaranteed for two weeks. Prospective candidates will need to be able to excavate a minimum of 30 shovel tests per day (30-cm di shovel tests to an average depth of about 50 cm below surface) in sandy soils. Candidates should be able to identify historic period ceramics, esp. Colonial period ceramics, prehistoric ceramics, and prehistoric lithic artifacts. If interested, please email Rob Benson ( 


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