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Historic Preservation Corpsmember


Northern Bedrock Historic Preservation Corps
Mission: to develop workforce and life skills through service learning in historic preservation and community stewardship.

Position: Historic Preservation Corpsmember
Living Allowance: Stipend $700 every two weeks
Location: Based in Duluth, MN and traveling throughout MN
Reports to: NBHPC Staff
Service Term: June 1, 2021 to October 27, 2021 (900 - hour slot)
Service Schedule: Each Hitch: 9 days, 10 hours per day 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM (typical) plus hitch support time, followed by 5 days off. The majority of projects will be out-of-town assignments requiring camping for up to 9 consecutive days.
Stipend and Award:
● $700 bi-weekly living allowance
● $3,097.50 AmeriCorps Segal Education award* and loan forbearance during service term.
*After successful program completion and a minimum of 900 service hours

Crews consist of 6 Corpsmembers who serve and live together during hitches. Applicants must be able to serve 9, 9+-hour days in a row, followed by 5 days off for the duration of their service term. Crew food, group camping gear and campsites (or alternative) are provided while serving on projects. Each crew is provided a corps vehicle with tool trailer to travel from Duluth to the project locations. All AmeriCorps members are required to take a daily half-hour lunch which does not contribute to service hours.

Position Summary:
Corpsmembers complete a variety of projects including: historic structure maintenance, cemetery monument resetting and cleaning, and historic landscape restoration. Corpsmembers will learn hands-on skills while camping and exploring greater Minnesota. This position involves physically challenging and team-oriented work. Projects are completed mostly outdoors in all weather conditions and all projects involve extended camping near the project site. This position is led by rotating peer Crew Leaders and is supervised by the Northern Bedrock Historic Preservation Corps (NBHPC) Staff. Teams work closely with Technical
Specialists who provide technical training and project workflow, and Project Hosts who set the project site priorities.

Position Responsibilities:
Corpsmembers must be active participants, demonstrate professionalism, and commit to experiential learning.
I. Active Participation
- Contribute to a culture of safety, including wearing appropriate PPE at all times.
- Start all hitches and service projects on time.
- Focus on cooperative teamwork to accomplish service project and spike camp goals.
- Preserve historic structures and landscapes as trained; ask for clarification when needed.
- Show commitment by anticipating crew needs and helping to resolve issues.
II. Professionalism
- Bring a positive attitude and strong service ethic to each hitch.
- Show dependability by taking initiative and seeking responsibility.
- Effectively use time management skills to complete projectscope, individual tasks and documentation.
- Communicate effectively with fellow corpsmembers, staff, and others - including the public.
- Honor others’ beliefs and emotions by resolving conflicts in a respectful manner and being receptive to feedback.
III. Personal Development
- Learn and improve technical skills such as tool usage and restoration techniques.
- Learn and improve soft skills such as conflict resolution and project leadership.
- Perform crew roles thoroughly and attentively, including serving as Crew Leader at least once.
- Commit to a growth mindset of practicing continual improvement in all you do.
- Identify and celebrate personal transformation.
Corpsmembers learn hands-on through serving on historic preservation projects with guidance from NBHPC Staff, Technical Specialists and Project Hosts. Orientation at a minimum covers member rights and responsibilities, standards of conduct, discipline, prohibited service activities, requirements under the Drug-Free Workplace Act (41 U.S.C. 701 et seq.), suspension and termination from service, grievance procedures, non-discrimination and civil rights and non-sexual harassment. Northern Bedrock Historic Preservation Corps additionally provides an introduction to the preservation trades, team building, leadership, outdoor ethics, power and hand tool safety and use, OSHA 10, and field first aid.

Performance Expectations:
AmeriCorps members are expected to complete the full service term and a minimum of 900 hours in order to receive the Education Award. Absences (sick or vacation) beyond three excused days for the Full Field Season are deemed excessive as they jeopardize the proper functioning of crews, as well as a member’s ability to fully complete their service term and therefore the privilege to receive an Education Award. Corpsmembers will joyfully make up excessive missed field days. This additional time must be approved in
advance by the NBHPC Staff.

Member performance will be reviewed by the NBHPC Staff at mid-term and end-of-term focusing on whether the Member has:
● Satisfactorily completed assignments and tasks as outlined by the Position Responsibilities;
● Completed the required service hours and days in the field;
● Attended orientation and trainings.

Desired Qualifications:
● Positive attitude.
● Ability and desire to live and work with others in a team setting.
● Interest in historic preservation, service learning and community stewardship.
● Effective communication skills.
● Commitment to the full AmeriCorps service term.

Minimum Requirements:
● 18-25 years of age at start of program.
● United States Citizen, United States National or Lawful Permanent Resident of the United States and provide document as proof.
● High School Diploma or working towards GED before using the award.
● Ability to pass criminal history check: no positive hits on the NSOPW (sex offender registry) and no history of violent offenses as determined by FBI fingerprint database.
● Verified identity through Government Issued ID and Social Security Number.
● Functional knowledge and use of English language, both oral and written.
● Flexible schedule that allows the ability to travel and camp for extended periods of time.
● Willingness to follow all crew policies and participate in a safe working environment, including PPE standards.
● Ability to appropriately represent Northern Bedrock and the AmeriCorps Program.
● *Ability to perform the essential functions of the job 10 hours per day:
o Manual labor - heavy lifting, bending, and carrying up to 50 pounds
o Attention to detail and willingness to follow standards for historic preservation
o Repetitive cleaning and restoring of historic structures and objects
o Walking/working on steep or uneven terrain
o Working outdoors, rain or shine, in heat/cold, and dealing with insect and pests
o Working, eating, and camping in the outdoors in all weather conditions
● Access to reliable transportation for reporting to crew meeting location in Duluth at the beginning of each project.
● Strict agreement to not engage in any Prohibited Activities as defined in the Member Service Agreement
during AmeriCorps hours.

This program is available to all, without regard to disability, race, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation or political affiliation. The
Conservation Corps engages AmeriCorps members, ages 18-25, as defined under the American Conservation and Youth Service Corps Act, a subtitle
of the National and Community Service Act of 1990. Reasonable accommodations provided upon request.
* The Corps reserves the right to release a member from service if they cannot perform the essential service functions required of this position.


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