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how to get jobs, and useful tutorials and links

Jennifer Palmer

We've had a number of excellent message posts here on on various topics relating to employment.  Many of these posts have addressed questions that are asked repeatedly by website members, and are chock full of useful information and links to external websites. More to come..  Jennifer

How to apply for a Federal job in archaeology

Find Your POV Mileage Rate Here

Find Your SCA Federal Prevailing Wage Here

Find Your DBA Federal Prevailing Wage Here

Find Your Federal Per Diem Rate Here

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Jennifer Palmer

There are several ways to receive daily job updates.  The first, of course, is visiting


Additionally, we have a jobs fan page on Facebook:


Job postings are available via a Twitter feed:


Postings are available as an RSS feed:


And additionally, via a daily e-mail message sent to your inbox (if you sign up, remember to look for the confirmation e-mail to activate your subscription):


Update: links to daily job postings (as well as other content from the website) are also available to Google+ users who add the Google+ page to their circle:

Thanks for your support, and for visiting


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Jennifer Palmer

LinkedIn just changed their policy of allowing instant updates from Twitter, so daily job posts will no longer be made to that site (more info here). Facebook has also changed the way posts are displayed to fan pages, and not everyone will see all posts to the jobs page on FB. The best ways of ensuring you are seeing ALL new job posts is one of the following:

1 - visit the actual website at

2 - follow us on Twitter

3 - follow us on Google+

4 - sign up for a daily e-mail as outlined above

In the future we will also be developing a mobile phone app that will deliver alerts that will instantly let you know when a new job has been posted to



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