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Osteology - 2012 Bioarchaeology Workshop and Survey in Transylvania, Romania


 An Isolated Noua Culture grave

Location: Cluj-Napoca, Cluj, Transylvania, Romania

Workshop Dates: June 3, 2012 - July 28, 2012
Session Dates: Session 1: June 3 - June 30, 2012; Session 2: July 1 - July 28, 2012


          The Late Bronze Age in Eastern Europe is characterized by the appearance of a large scale archaeological formation of Eastern origin. A remarkable unity of material culture and funerary practices has been achieved over an area that stretches from the Western Carpathians and the lower Danube to the regions east of the Azov Sea. This project focuses on its Transylvanian component known as the Noua Culture. The scope of the project is to investigate a sample of the Noua population in terms of advanced morphology, DNA and stable isotope studies. Students will learn to determine age, sex, stature, identify pathologies, and take standard measurements. As well, they will be introduced to various osteological conservation problems aiming at properly evaluate bone quality for DNA analysis.

Workshop Cost: $1,575 per four week session

Housing in double/triple occupancy rooms is provided in Cluj-Napoca within walking distance from the museum. Teaching material, support and documentation, laboratory material, lectures, access to the study collection, security clearance, and museum registration are included in the fee.

For more information and application procedure:

See you all in the field,

Andre Gonciar
Project Coordinator

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For more information, visit

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There are two available spots left for the 2012 season.


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